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Welcome to http://phperl.sourceforge.net/

Perl and PHP are two of the most popular languages for creating dynamic web content. The PHPerl Project aims to combine the power (and extensive code libraries!) of both languages.

Here's a simple example:

        $cardnumber = $HTTP_POST_VARS['cardnumber'];
        if (phperl_setup("example.php", "")) {
	  if (phperl_eval('use Business::CreditCard;')) {
	    $valid = phperl_eval("validate('$cardnumber');");

Please check back soon for updates or visit our SourceForge Project Summary.

PHPerl has now been ported to Perl 5.6. If you can help test it, contact the project adminstrator.

News Flash: PHPerl is now listed on The PHP Resource Index! Visit our detail page and give us a rating. Thanks!

If you're having trouble compiling the PHP module for Apache, check out the Apache Compile Kit.

For maintenance and editor-friendly formatting of HTML documents, try Latte.

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